happy monday everyone!

this last weekend was USUs
fall break so michael and i headed to

aka cedar city

my cute niece^^ jetta^^ named it that 
when my parents moved there a couple years back. 
it was the cutest thing
-our conversations about cedar would follow-
J: tia?
T: yes jetta?
J: where gwamma T at?
-this means grandma tori-
T: shes in cedar city jetta
J: where, where is... cederdee?
-her face VERY perplexed-
T: long ways away! like 5 hours jetta!
J: tia,
T; yes jetta?
J: you take me there?


oh how i wish i could of just 
taken her to
everytime she asked

attn: MOM, DAD
your too far away.. 

here are some fun picts from our much needed trip to my parents

things we did:
mnt bike
bike tricks
gold gym
candy eating
candy making
grown ups 2
pastry pub
2,000 flushes


mom and i post workout sippin pumpkin steamer and carmel apple cider! mmmmmm
the carmel apple cider was my fav 

we made cermel apples after. since i was now obsessed with carmel apple stuff

visited 2,000 flushes where people literaly light cars on fire and roll it down the steep edge....
we saw maybe 5 burnt down rusted out cars!

also we made
my parents made
 this BOMBDIGGITY  recipe

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