where did i leave off with this?

oh yeah-
me being a stalker
| JK |

after mike asked me on a date
snowboarding -
the week then followed:

| saturday |
i then invited him to come watch the basketball game the next night
he came

| sunday
 we sat by each other in church 
he came over after our meetings for a spaghetti with me and my roommates

| monday |
we made up some excuse about watching snowboarding videos
to get excited about our first date

| tuesday |
he came over and gave me a beanie
-that he HAND made

| wednesday |
our first date
night boarding at brighton ski resort
he expected to have to teach me-
hold my hand down the hill-
help me up-
make sure i didnt fall-


but little did he know 
i was a boarder back in high school
hellooo i lived close to beaver!
so it was alot of fun suprising him
and showing him my MAAADD
snowboarding skills 


over the course of the next few days-
and weeks-

i finally had the DTR talk with him
me: mike, what are we?
mike: what do you mean?
me: you know, what am i to you?
mike: your my girlfriend
me: oh-emgee mike, you cant just assume that im your girlfriend!
ok i didnt say it like that,but along those lines
mike: we have literally hung out, like every day, of course your my girlfriend
me: it doesnt work like that! you have to ask me.


more silence

mike: tia, will you be my girlfr---
me: --YES!

you could say i was a little excited

that night we were at V rock with his high school friends
roasting dogs
makin smores
and watching stars

in college i never had an actual 'boyfriend' i always just said 
i dated so and so,
i hung out with so and so,
i would never let myself become a 'girlfriend' 
because i knew the guy that i wanted to be my boyfriend
was going to be the guy that had all the qualities i had listed on a paper 
 way back in Young Womens
you know- when you were in laurels and wrote the 'future hubby' qualities down
| hott | -huge check
| treated me good  | - check
| treated his mom good |-check
| strong testimony | -check check


and i found him
my young womens list,
 dream hunk babe thang

---| MY MIKE |---
miguelito- my fav
loveur- like lover but with an 'air' sound at the end

hangin out at his parents^^
mikes sister laceys graduation ^^
camping with his family ^^
first road trip to Arizona ^^
making brownies and showin me his smokin bod ^^

did i tell you mike can ride bikes-

like, really good?
he can.... 

this is called a 'look back' ^^
 his 2 fav things^^

if you want to hear more about us
come back next friday for pt. 3!

we've been at this love thing for 4.5 years now
so i've got a-lot a little more to share 

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