my name is tia 
| yes i am aware it means AUNT in spanish |
but did you know it mean princess in greek?
 just thought i would let y’all know ;)

a lil sum-sum about me:
married 4 years to the hottest-hunk of my dreams, 
 | seriously he is a stud! |
| you hear the term ‘marry up’ well that is definitely what i did |
--you’ll quickly learn of my passion about him and our life together--

this blog is about my life endeavors, 
my love for many 
and the pursuit of happiness for myself and all those who surround me!

i am tia montgomery 
of celise artistry 
  you can also find my work on here under my “Celise Artistry tab”
and how to reach me for further inquiries about booking with me.